The Decolonising Earth Science forum: A space for peer-learning and sharing 

By Rebecca Williams

Published on

04 Dec 2023


Read time

1 minute

We are looking to build a peer network of UK Earth Science professionals (e.g. Earth Science academics at all career stages, professional services staff, museum professionals) for peer-learning, discussion and to share material and effective practise in decolonising the curriculum. To help realise this ambition we have launched a Decolonising Earth Science Discord Server. 

We hope that this forum will become a space for discussion, reflection and sharing around the topic of decolonising Earth science. We hope that this becomes a supportive space, to help the Earth Science community gain a better understanding of the colonial roots and origins of the Earth Science (geology/geoscience) discipline and its founding institutions. As explored elsewhere on this website, Earth Science in the UK is fundamentally intertwined with colonialism and the British Imperial project and so there is a distinct and specific need for the UK Earth Science community to reckon with this history and take steps to remedy its legacy. Whilst aimed primarily at a UK audience, we welcome global perspectives and discussion. 

If you are interested in joining our community, you can register your interest by completing this registration form and agreeing to our Code of Conduct. We look forward to welcoming you!


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