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The Decolonising Earth Science forum: A space for peer-learning and sharing 

We are looking to build a peer network of UK Earth Science professionals (e.g. Earth Science academics at all career stages, professional services staff, museum professionals) for peer-learning, discussion and to share material and effective practise in decolonising the curriculum. To help realise this ambition we have launched a Decolonising Earth Science Discord Server.  We […]

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New open educational resources to help decolonise and diversify your Earth Science curriculum

We are excited to launch our website and release the first of our infographics aimed at supporting the UK Earth Science (geology/geoscience/environmental science) community in decolonising the curriculum and Earth Science pedagogy.  Why should UK Earth Science embrace decolonising the curriculum approaches? Photograph: DAVID HARTLEY/REX/Shutterstock The foundations of a discipline shape the way in which […]

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